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In sanitary engineering, silicone is used as inner hose of stainless steel braided metal hoses, which are used in heating and pump construction.
The background is the legal requirements. Accordingly, all materials that come into contact with drinking water must not release any substances that could be harmful to health.

Due to the physiological properties of silicone, e.g. the absence of plasticizers, the material is very suitable for the drinking water area.

Due to increased legal changes, such as the Drinking Water Ordinance, silicone is becoming more and more important for sanitary applications.
Other elastomers such as certain EPDM compounds tend to have a negative effect on the quality of drinking water at certain temperatures.

Further advantages of silicone are that it is odourless, tasteless and anti-allergic. The flexibility of the material is equivalent to that of EPDM materials. The application temperature in the drinking water sector is certified by the DVGW for silicone up to at least 90°C. Other elastomers generally have lower application temperatures.

Our company has silicone compounds that meet the most important approvals, both national and international.

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